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Advanced Use Case Modeling

An advanced class on using use cases for large-scale software development projects. This is an Ivar Jacobson International training, brought to you by DiVetro, the official partner of Ivar Jacobson International in The Netherlands.


This 1-day class is intended to equip product owners and requirement engineers with the skills they need to successfully apply use case modeling to the requirements management of large, or out-sourced, projects and programs. Throughout the class, common problems and their solutions will be explored.

The course includes detailed instruction in the use of the use case relationships used to structure large, complex and reusable use case models, and a detailed examination of the system of systems pattern that lies, at the heart of the application of use cases to systems engineering and the development of very large systems. The course was developed by Ian Spence, co-author of the best-selling use-case book ‘Use Case Modeling’ (Addison Wesley, 2003).


Product Owners, Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, Customer Representatives Requirements Managers, Requirement Engineers.

Recommended experience

Prior to attending this course the students must have at least 3 months experience with use cases.

Attendees will learn

  • how to start the use case modeling process regardless of the size or scale of project being undertaken;
  • how to apply use cases to systems-of-systems;
  • how to apply use cases for packaged systems development and re-engineering legacy systems;
  • how to apply use cases in an out-sourced environment;
  • how to apply the use case modelling technique recursively to simplify complex requirements problems;
  • how to recognize and avoid the most common use case model related anti-patterns;
  • when and where to use optional features such as include and extend.

Topics covered

Structuring the use-case model, including:

  • how to use include and extend effectively;
  • how to use use case generalization;
  • common use case patterns and anti-patterns;
  • use case modeling for large scale systems development;
  • use case modeling for packaged systems development;
  • use case modeling for replacement systems;
  • use case modeling for out-sourced projects;
  • the system of systems pattern;
  • treating reusable components as products;
  • product line engineering for application families.

Additional information


1 day.


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Lecture, discussions, workshops, exercises, case studies level: advanced.

What you get

Course PowerPoint slides, PDF workbooks and handouts.


Regular price € 695,- (Excl BTW/VAT)
Early bird price € 595,- (Excl BTW/VAT)
The early bird promotion ends four weeks before the training.

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